The Brazilian Culture

Nice looking samba girlBrazilian women, as well as Brazilian men and their culture are amongst one of the most exotic cultures in the world. This is due to the wide variety and mixture of cultures found there making it a very diverse nation. There are many nationalities residing in Brazil due to history of European rule, slavery and African migrants which all had an important role to play in making Brazil’s culture what it is today. With a population of approximately 190 million people, 80% of the people are Roman Catholic.


The official language of the nation is Portuguese, which is influenced largely by the Portuguese settlements that took place in the 16th to 18th centuries in Brazil. The religion was also influenced by the European settlers who brought the religion with them and helped it spread by building churches.


Families and relationships are extremely important to Brazilians and they usually have large families, with a strong attachment and connection with their extended family members as well. This makes them very family oriented and any man who wants to marry a Brazilian woman must woo her family members as well in order to win her heart completely. This makes them very value driven, helping each other in whatever way they can in order to help a family member out.

Class System

Although they are very value driven and family oriented, the class distinctions in Brazil are made on the color of one’s skin. This puts the darker people at a disadvantage. The size of one’s estate and the amount of money to one’s name also is a basis of respect in Brazil. The wage difference between white people, which makes up 50 percent of the population, and the darker skinned people, a mere 10 percent of the population, is also substantial. This puts the lower classed blacks and the upper class whites at a difference that often can become a cause for conflicts, when the two ethnicities do interact that is.


Although they can turn cold towards people they do not like, they are actually quite loving and warm at heart. They are very affectionate towards family members and friends and greet each other with hugs and back slaps. While the women, greet other women with kisses on cheeks. Initiating a handshake with a woman is considered rude in the culture and if a woman wants to shake hand with you, she will initiate it by offering her hand and only then, must a man shake her hand.


brasilian_culture2Brazilian people like to know everything about the people they are interacting with. As a result they will use the resources at their disposal to find out all the information they can before starting a business with anyone. The same goes for a person who is marrying into the family. Which is why, hiding information or keeping any secret from them is usually not a good idea as they take harshly towards betrayals.

In Brazil, legalities in business are considered of little significance when the two people are friends. This is why success in any project will depend largely on how well you can bond with the business partners. If you are successful in bonding, you can get away with almost anything. This is also why most meetings and business transactions start with a gossip session or casual chit chat first. If you get down to business as soon as the meeting starts, it would be seen as rude.

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