About Crime

Brazil has a reputation as a place with a rather high level of crime. So is it a dangerous place to date a woman? It is often overblown and you should not let fear overshadow your stay and vacation.

Don’t Make Yourself A Victim

In most of Brazil you are safe, nevertheless you better avoid the most dangerous places, like the favelas. Also pay attention particular in Rio de Janeiro, San Salvador and in the city of Recife and the surroundings. Here you should not show your phone, wallet or anything of value in the streets or the public transport. If you take the bus keep some coins for the ticket in your pocket. Also dress normal or “poorly” if you like to stay out of attention. The less attention you make, meaning silencing the impression that you look like a gringo, the less is the chance that something will happen to you. Most Brazilians believe that foreign men, gringos, are wealthy. Keep that in mind, and don’t make yourself a victim.

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