Your First Date With A Brazilian Lady

One of the best advices when dating a lady that you have never met before is to be yourself. Treat her with respect, show her attention, and be a nice man to her.

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Be a gentleman

Brazilian women want to be spoiled a little on their date. Be the gentleman that you are, and give her respect. Some women believe honestly that all “gringos” are rich. If you are not rich, be honest to her in your pre-dating communication. That may save you from later misunderstandings. So if you spoil her, buy things for her and take her to expensive restaurants, make her understand that this is not your normal way of living.

Dining and dating

If you are invited to eat out at a restaurant, never bring up business during the entire meal. The meals usually last for three hours or more with passionate discussion on various topics. Another peculiar habit of Brazilians is that they never touch their food, and always use cutlery for dining, no matter what they are eating. They are also obsessively hygiene conscious and always wash hands before dining and use a napkin during meals.

If you are inviting a Brazilian woman to a restaurant for a meal, make sure the restaurant is a high end place. Brazilians are not known for their punctuality and this is why they usually arrive late to any gathering. It is actually quite alright to arrive an hour late to any dinner party. For the same reason, giving them time when the party will end is also considered rude and so is expecting a guest to bring food with them. Always dress on the extreme end as Brazilians always dress nicely and the women dress sensually no matter the meeting is a personal one or to discuss business.

Your look at a date

Even Brazilian men keep their nails manicured, shoes polished and clothes crisply ironed. One must always dress stylishly in order to make an impression on others. It is expected of anyone to bring a small gift when arriving at a dinner party. Do not offer gifts to business partners as this might be seen as a bribe. Good wine or whiskey, flowers, books are all good gifts for a dinner party.

Pretty Brazilian business ladyWhen out on a date with a Brazilian woman, expect her to dress nicely and so must you. The women are very aggressive in their relationships. When a woman invites you for a drink, after work, it is not a proposal; this is a very common part of the work culture. Although when you do want to ask her out, make sure you find out her preferred kind of food and invite her to a restaurant that serves that food. Also make sure the place is close to her house as a man is expected to pick a woman up for a date from her house. If she refuses to be picked up, it is an indication that she is wary of you and not comfortable with you at the moment.

Opt for darker clothes on a date, as they make a man look sharp and elegant. Make sure you have a nice haircut and you look clean and well groomed. The same goes for your car and home; cleanliness is very important part of how you are perceived. Never, even by mistake utter an abusive word in front of a Brazilian women as this is considered very offensive and would immediately end any relationship no matter how far off it is. Also be sure to arrive on time as being late is a real mood killer for a Brazilian woman.

If a woman offers to pay the bill, she is testing you and your values, this is why, never let her pay the bill.

See her true self

When you have communicated on the net, and you think you may have found the right lady for yourself, we recommend you to go to Brazil and meet her and her family. Don’t send tickets to her for your first meeting. To get to know her family is a valuable experience if you consider spending years together with her. Go and visit them, and see how she treats and respect her parents, brothers or sisters. Spend time with her, and eventually she will start to show you her true self.

Make sure your glances do not linger on any other woman than the one with you. Glancing at another woman is considered as cheating as well. Make sure you are polite and do not badmouth anyone in front of her, especially any other woman in your past. Do not, in the initial dates, tell her about your past romantic endeavors as she will judge you based on this information.

Once you have gained her trust, you can open up more and tell her these details, if she asks for them. If you can successfully woo a Brazilian woman, you will discover they make some of the best girlfriends and wives as well due to their devotion to their men.

Once you have gained her trust, you can open up more and tell her these details, if she asks for them. If you can successfully woo a Brazilian woman, you will discover they make some of the best girlfriends and wives as well due to their devotion to their men.

Sex at the first date?

If you really like the girl, don’t focus on having sex with her the first day. Even if she looks like a sex bomb, and you have problems controlling where you put your eyes. Save sex for a much later night. Even if it looks like she has been created for sex in mind only, she might even be a virgin. Most Brazilians are Catholics, and she might not be as experienced as you think. That is unless you have met an experienced woman who without any doubt wants you in the bed the first night. Of course there are many of them too. Sharing intimacy is natural for Brazilian women, even with strangers. But don’t misunderstand. They tend to be nice and friendly to you. But being nice is not being in love with you. So if you are interested in a Brazilian woman, your best shot is first to become her friend.

Woman from Brazil dating youHave a backup plan

Life is short, and flight tickets are expensive. It is far to go all the way to Brazil to meet a lady. If your first date fails, you should have a “plan b”. That means you should plan one or more secondary dates. You will quickly see if your primary date is the right woman for you. Instead of throwing away the rest of your time on an unsuccessful date or staying alone, tell her that you need to leave, and then go to your alternative date. It is not showing disrespect to make plans for your life.

“Multi-dating” is not considered as proper behavior in Brazil. Meaning that when in a relationship, it is assumed that both the man and the woman are absolutely exclusive to each other. So before starting “plan b”, be sure that you have ended the relationship with your first date, and that there is mutual understanding and acknowledge.

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