Brazil in my heart

Let me say I’m an old retired man, living in one of the Scandinavian countries. From I was a young man, about 16, I worked at sea at cargo ships. During the years at sea we visited a lot of harbors many places in the world. The shipping to Brazilian seaports became some of the most popular. Mostly because of the amazing girls there. Black hair, dark eyes, soft brown skin, samba rhytm… They were true girls – and very different from what we were used to. After some test-dating in bars, shops and restaurants I met a young woman who I continued to meet every time we unloaded our cargo in that city. I may say that I also unloaded some personal stuff there, but that is to bring in details not suitable for this story…

Now I sit in my chair in a cold country looking at the rain falling down most of the days. I admit that I often get flashbacks from the time I was a sailor. My grandchildren here sometimes joke with me asking if I had some foreign girlfriends when I was sailing, and if they have some secret family some place over there. “Hahaha…”, I use to laugh to them. “Oh you should like to know that, yeah?” The fact is that I use to ask myself the same questions. And what if – what if I had had the guts to choose a different path of life than what I have done. Of course I love my family here, and I love my children and grandchildren. The thought of not having them now is unthinkable.

But what if I had the guts and signed off in Brazil instead of to my homeland, where I actually had nothing at that stage of my life. My mother was dead, my father had found a new woman who did not like me, my older brother and sister were both  far away together with their new families. And I had no other job than sailor. Why did I return home, or why did I return to the socalled home when my true love was for my Brazilian girlfriend? My god – I still have feelings for her. After 50 years. And I also look back with longing and passion for the wonderful Brazilian culture. I wish there had been more samba here. Maybe that had helped the bad mooded women here.

What I would like to say is: Dreaming about a nice, goodlooking, warm-blooded girlfriend? Grab the chance if you can. Don’t wait for retirement or bad healts to decide for you. Kick out the coldhearted human you share your precious life with. Not had sex for ages? Prepare yourself. Add more vitamines and eggs to your diet. Do daily exercise. Be active. Make your body respond again. Start producing hormones like you are 18. You will need it. According to statistics Brazilians have a lot of sex and often. No wonder that there are 200 millions of them now! Many Brazilian women like to date an older man. If she is early 20, she may look for men up to 35-45. So you may end up with a girlfriend of half your age. Don’t worry. Beware that the “redstock women” in your homeland will cry in anger. And the men will envy you. Don’t mind. Your woman will look at the age difference as natural, and not as some child-grandpa relationship. If she feel fine with it, and you feel fine to, – there is no need to worry. Instead ENJOY your new relationship, ENJOY how fantastic life can be together with a warm-blooded woman who loves you and who gives your everything she can.

The Sailor

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